BETAMETHASONE+SALICYLIC ACID is a dermatological medication that used to reduce swelling, itching redness and dead skin cells caused due to specific skin problems such as psoriasis (scales and itchy, dry patches) and eczema (itchy, cracked, swollen or rough skin). The swelling of the skin occurs when an allergic reaction or skin irritation releases several substances in the skin that widens blood vessels and cause itching, redness, pain and swelling in the irritated area.
BETAMETHASONE+SALICYLIC ACID contains Betamethasone (steroids) and Salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory/keratolytic) that works together by reducing the amount of inflammatory chemicals your body makes thereby stopping body’s natural immune response, which helps to control swelling and inflammation. When the skin reacts to any allergens, such chemicals are released typically. Salicylic acid belongs to the class of keratolytic agents that works by breaking down a protein known as keratin (that forms part of skin structure) and removes dead skin cells and softens skin. Also, it enhances betamethasone absorption into the skin
Skin rash ,Inflammation (swelling and redness) of hair follicles ,Blistering ,Itching, swelling, stinging or burning sensation of at the site of application


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