MOXIPAL 250MG CAP (Y/G) (Amoxycilline 250mg)

MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s belongs to a group of anti-bacterial or antibiotics known as penicillin. MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s is used to prevent and treat different types of bacterial infections like chest infection (pneumonia, bronchitis), ear/nose/throat (ENT) infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, leg ulcers, gum ulcers, dental infections, and pressure sores. Besides this, it is also used in combination with various antibiotics like clarithromycin to treat stomach ulcers caused by H. Pyroli bacteria.

MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s has a similar method of killing bacteria as penicillin. MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s kills the bacterial cell by blocking the chemical (mucopeptides) released by the bacteria’s outer layer (cell wall). In turn, MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s weakens and destroys the bacterial cell wall. It is a broad range of antibiotics that helps in fighting various types of bacteria. 

You should take MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s only if your doctor has prescribed you. Most bacterial infections get treated within one week, while some conditions might take longer. So, it would help if you complete the prescribed dosage. During the treatment with MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s, you may observe some common side effects like feeling sick (nausea) and diarrhoea. But these side effects are usually in the initial phase and then resolve after some time. However, if these side effects persist, let your doctor know about them. Prolonged intake of the liquid form of MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s may cause temporary staining of teeth (especially in children) that can be removed by brushing.

To treat your condition effectually, continue using MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. Do not use MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s without doctor advice if you had a skin reaction or irritation to any medicine. Do not use MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s in more than prescribed doses or longer duration as it may cause adverse effects. Keep your doctor informed about your health condition and all the medicines you take before taking MOXIPAL 250 mg Capsule 10’s to rule out any side effects. Do not discontinue or abruptly stop the medication as it may lead to antibiotic resistance, a condition in which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.


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