HEM-SAMPOORN 300ml Syrup ( Ayurdevic Gyne Tonic)

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HEM-SAMPOORN 300ml Syrup is a health tonic and is composed of natural herbal and plant extracts. It is useful for general health maintenance. Contains: Lodhra, Manjistha, Anantamul, Bala, Gokhru, Shankpushpi, Musali, Punarnava ,Asgandha, Bach, Dhaiful, Daruhaldi, Gambhari, Nagarmotha, Shatavari this mixture of syrup clears women’s problems like.Regular period cycle

2 reviews for HEM-SAMPOORN 300ml Syrup ( Ayurdevic Gyne Tonic)

  1. Rishi Kumar Mishra

    I want to take this

    • [email protected]

      Please contact given mail,or send message on 8548076582 with quantity if quantity is less then you have to pay courier charge

  2. Rishi Kumar Mishra


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