fusivin ointment(sodium fusidate ointment)


fusivin ointment is indicated and to treat fungal infections, skin infection, nappy rash. fusivin ointment contains pure anti biotic as active ingredients. fusivin ointment scientifically designed for the cure of reducing the infections in skin, toes, fingers. fusivin ointment excessive will result in redness, dark spots, itching. fusivin ointment also used in the treatment to kill bacterial and fungus growth. fusivin ointment will works by killing the unwanted gems, stops the bacterial and fungus growth. fusivin ointment Fusivin Ointment 10g Side Effects like allergies, swelling, pain, irritation.
fusivin ointment contains fusidic acid topical (sodium fusidate) as an active ingredient. Fusivin Ointment 10g is an antibiotic cream. Fusivin Ointment 10g is used in the treatment of skin infections, skin and soft tissues infections. Fusivin Ointment 10g is also used in impetigo, osteomyelitis, boils, folliculitis, erythrasma, sycosis, and other skin infections. Fusivin Ointment 10g works by stopping the growth of the bacteria that cause the infection. Fusivin Ointment 10g is also used to treat secondary skin infections, including infected eczema, infected cuts, wounds and contact dermatitis.
this drug cause some possible Fusivin Ointment 10g Side Effects such as pain, stinging, burning and irritation at the application site.
before taking this medicine consult your doctor.


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