FLAMOX CV 375MG TAB(amoxycillin & potassium clavulanate tab 375mg)


FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET belongs to a group of antibiotics known as penicillin combination. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that works against various types of bacteria. FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET is made up of two medicines: Amoxicillin (the active part of antibiotic) and Clavulanic acid (that boosts the efficacy of the amoxicillin). FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET is generally prescribed to prevent middle ear and sinus infections, throat or lung respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, soft tissue infections, dental infections, joint and bone infections.
Infectious or harmful bacteria can make you sick and reproduce quickly in your body. These harmful bacteria produce chemicals known as toxins, which can damage tissue and make you sick. Amoxicillin acts by destroying the outer protein layer, thereby killing the bacteria (bactericidal). Clavulanic acid inhibits the enzyme beta-lactamase that prevents bacteria from destroying the efficacy of amoxicillin. As a result, the action of Clavulanic acid allows Amoxicillin to work better and kill the bacteria. FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET does not work against infections caused by viruses, including cold and flu.
FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET should be taken as prescribed by your doctor, preferably with a meal to avoid stomach upset and at fixed intervals every day for best results. The dose of FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET can vary depending upon your condition and the severity of the infection. Also, it is recommended to complete the course of medicine even if you feel better as it is an antibiotic, and leaving it in between may lead to even severe infection that will, in fact, stop responding to the antibiotic as well (antibiotic resistance). The common side effects of FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET include vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Everyone need not experience the above side effects. In case of any discomfort, speak with a doctor.
Before starting FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET, please inform your doctor if you have any allergy (against any antibiotic), kidney or liver problems. Do not take FLAMOX CV 375MG TABLET on your own as self-medication may lead to antibiotic resistance in which antibiotics fail to act against specific bacterial infections.


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