ENSHINER CREAM(glycolic acid, arbutin & kojic acid dipalmitate cream)


Glycolic acid arbutin cream is used in the treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melanosis, melasma, and active acne. The cream reduces the dark spot present on the skin and also helps in reducing the activity of tyrosinase enzyme and Melanin production resulting in brightening and lightening of the skin.

Some of the key benefits caused due to glycolic cream are:

Penetrate the skin and reduces acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle, and scarring.
It is also beneficial in the treatment of photodamaged skin.
Prevent hyperpigmentation and melasma.
Contain antioxidant properties that enhance skin rejuvenation and whitening.
Repair damaged skin cell
Moisture the dry skin
Dosage: Apply a thin layer of glycolic cream over the affected area twice or thrice in a day. The result of the cream would be visible after 2 to 3 months. In case of any irritation discontinuity, the cream immediately and consult with your health care professional.

Treatment reactions: Some common side effect of glycolic cream include:

Pigmentary changes
Irritant contact dermatitis.
Skin peeling
Occasional photo-sensitivity
Warnings and precautions:
This cream is only recommended for external use.
Before using glycolic cream read the label carefully.
Keep glycolic acid arbutin cream away from children.
The patient should follow the dose recommended by the doctor for effective results.
Do not apply glycolic cream near Eyes or mouth.
In case of irritation discontinuity, the cream immediately and consult with the doctor.
Wear sunscreen or sun protection clothes to avoid sunburn.


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